Preschool Programs

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Nature works all year and so do we!

Engage your students’ curiosity about the world around them with lessons about animals, which can be found near their homes. Touching, seeing, pretending, and sharing fill these one-hour natural science programs. 


Porcupine in a treeAnimal Homes and Signs

Who lives in the fields and forest? How do you know? Students share discoveries and search for signs of animals such as nests, holes, chewed wood, and feathers. What will be discovered under a log, in a tree, or flying over the river? Outdoors at EMNC’s sites only.


Birds, Our Feathered Friends*

Birds are everywhere…one can even visit your classroom! Students can learn about the common birds by pretending to fly like a crow, a hummingbird, and an owl; watching a live kestrel or screech owl; touching feathers and other specimens; and discussing what makes a bird a bird. The LIVE raptor will bring the whole lesson to life.


Students carefully examining at newly emerged silk moth at the Endless Mountains Nature Center.Butterflies and Moths: Pretty Insects

Our native butterflies and moths fascinate many children and adults. Your students will learn about butterfly and moth life cycles through dramatizations. By interacting with puppets they learn how insects protect themselves. Live specimens may be included in the July though mid-September programs. Butterfly and moth defenses are also included, such as camouflage, mimicry, coloration, and bad taste. Information about starting a schoolyard butterfly garden is available. Indoors or outdoors.


Going Batty!

What makes a bat special? Why are they important to us? Learn the answers to these questions as your students learn about bats’ adaptations and their role in nature. As students take part in games, discussion, Build-A-Bat, and examination of specimens they learn how the only flying mammal eliminates millions of insects.


Preschool student touching water in a vernal pool at the Endless Mountains Nature Center.Let’s Be Sensible

Does an owl smell? Why does a snake stick out his or her tongue? Students compare their senses to those of a real, live owl and snake. By touching a shed snake skin, watching the animals, and listening to hear any noise the animals make the student use their own senses. Then, we head outdoors to have a nose tea party, find the colors of the rainbow, catch shadows. Indoors or outdoors.


Rabbits and Their Young*

Did you know…baby rabbits are called kits? And…they are only visited by their mother for a few minutes, twice each day. Students learn about the rabbit life cycle, the differences between wild and pet rabbits, parental and human care of young, adaptations, and diet through songs, games, and discussion with a live, pet rabbit that was rescued from a parking lot. Indoor program only.


What is A Tree?

Dancing like trees, finding all their parts, making a bark or leaf rubbing, and finding different leaf shapes focuses students’ attention on the giants of the plant world. Your students can visit some truly giant trees, one may be the largest in the state. Students will play a matching game with the leaves of some common species found here in PA. This program can be adapted for indoor or outdoor programs.

Scheduling & Fees: Programs are scheduled all year. Please use the contact information at the bottom of the page for scheduling and questions.


    • $35 per program (up to 20 preschool students per program)
    • $150 for assembly programs for preschooler students and their parents
  • Mileage charge for outside Tunkhannock: 50 cents per mile


Educator Training for Preschool Educators–Learn nature-related activities to include in lessons everyday. Rebecca Lesko presents conference workshops on including nature study in the preschool classroom from PA Headstart, New York State Outdoor Education Association, and the Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Educaton. She started teaching preschool environmental education program at Tenafly Nature Center in New Jersey in 1998. For more information or to schedule a program/ workshop, please call or email.

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