Indoor Programs

For libraries, classrooms, parks, community & senior centers, auditoriums, group meetings, special events, and in EMNC’s Lodge. Programs are adapted to the age, setting, and knowledge level of participants.
Butterflies & Moths

Elementary, Families & Senior Citizens

Through role playing participants learn the differences between butterfly’s and moth’s life cycles. “Perry the Preying Mantis” demonstrates adaptations including camouflage, insect senses, and the food chain. Specimens from native butterflies and moths are shared. Live specimens in season, only.


Rebecca Lesko, environmental education specialist with red-tailed hawk during a program at the Endless Mountains Nature CenterGoing Batty!

All ages & families

Myths are dispelled, adaptations explained, and the role of PA’s bats in the ecosystem are demonstrated through games, discussion, and by turning a participant into a “bat.” Participants learn how the only flying mammal eliminates millions of insects. The focus of this program can be adapted to life-cycles, adaptations, habitats, or ecosystems.


Native American Stories

First grade-senior citizens

Storyteller, Rebecca Lesko brings traditional Native American animal stories to life through her animated telling. How stories are traditional used for teaching and entertaining are also discussed. Each story is credited to the nation from which it originated, if known. In smaller settings a Lenape song and friendship dance can be taught, and artifacts can be shared. If outdoor space is available, such as a schoolyard, traditional games can be played.


Our Watershed

Fourth grade-adult, families

What it is a watershed? What’s my watershed address? Where does rain water go? Where is the Chesapeake Bay and why should we care? How participants are connected to the health of the Atlantic Ocean? Learn the answers to these questions and others during the interactive program using maps and a PowerPoint presentation.


Raptors Rule!

Second grade-senior citizens

Get up close and personal with three LIVE raptors: a falcon, an owl, and a hawk during this fun and informative program. Adaptations, niches, the food chain, habitats, and bird characteristic are covered. Participants may learn bird calls, touch feathers, and may even “fly” around the room to learn different flight patterns.


Families examining animal signs at the Tunkhannock Public LibraryStars & Stories

Elementary students & families

Before video games, before television, and before radio–stories were shared around the table, campfire, and lodge. Through the story of Orion, the great hunter and other Greek and Roman legends, participants are introduced to star life cycles and the circumpolar constellation. Then they will write and share their own story for a constellation.


Who’s Been Here

Elementary & middle schools, & families

You examine animal signs at hands-on stations to try figure out which animal made or left the clue. Stations may include bones, chewed branches, owl pellets, silk moth cocoon, porcupine quills. You listen to one of the books for Lindsay Barrett George’s “Who’s Been Here” series. Then Visit each station to examine and identify the animal sign. Finally, all of the clues will be revealed.


Scheduling: Programs are scheduled all year. Please contact for scheduling and questions

Fees are being adjusted; please call

Note to teachers and principals: All programs support the PA Academic Standards. Most programs are multidisciplinary with a science base. For specific PA academic standards for each program contact the EMNC


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