Birthday Parties

Create a birthday party experience your child will never forget! The Endless Mountains Nature Center educators have presented hundreds of Natural Science Birthday Parties. Themes feature live animals, crafts, games, nature walks, puppets, natural science exploration, and more. Our staff are all highly-trained, professional educators that provide a safe, exciting, educational environment for your child and his or her friends!
Party goers and the fort or emergency shelter they just built
    • A Nature-themed Party for 15 children, ages 4 to 14
    • One-hour program & one hour for festivities
    • Weekends and after school times
  • Use of Lodge including tables and chairs, kitchenette, library, and hands-on exhibits
  • Contact Rebecca Lesko at 570-836-3835 or to schedule, or if you have questions.


Theme ChoicesEastern screech owlLive Birds of Prey
Ages: 4-14 years old
Get up close and personal with a LIVE hawk or owl! Go bird watching and look for bald eagles near the river. Examine feathers with magnifying lenses, study nests, and make a bird treat to a take home.


Drawing of a bee.Insect Safari
Ages: 4-14 years old
Who are these fascinating creatures? What makes them different from us? Join us on an expedition to uncover these facts and more. How many? What kind? What do they do? All will be revealed! Spring through first frost only.


Drawing of an open treasure chest filled with gold.

Nature Treasure Hunt
Ages: 4-14 years old
Search for natural treasures along the trail. Children may find fossils, tracks, flowers, nests, feathers, and have a great time looking.


Snake illustration

Snakes of Pennsylvania
Ages: 6-14 years old
What makes a snake a snake? Discover if snakes are really s-s-slimy by touching a LIVE snake. See how they move, learn what they eat, how they find their food, and what they do during the winter. The most common snakes in PA are covered. Make a “snake” to take home.


Orion drawn in the stars

Stars & Stories
Ages: 6-14 years old
During the evening party, we’ll find constellations in the sky or make them on the ceiling, if the sky is cloudy. Listen to tales of Orion, the great hunter. Learn why some stars are different colors. Then make up your own star story.


Cartoon of a confused compassOutdoor Survival
Ages: 9-14 years old
Pretend to be lost in the woods…learn what to do! Stay put or wander around? Build a shelter or sit and wait? Panic or use your imagination? Children have a great time building an emergency shelter and finding new ways to use everyday objects.


Planning & Scheduling
Costs: Birthday Package: EMNC Stewards: $50; others: $85 (includes a one-year Family Stewardship a.k.a. membership)

  • Program of choice for 15 children & use of facilities for 2.5 hours.
  • $5 For each additional child, up to 20 children

Small groups will make your child’s birthday party more meaningful. Parenting experts suggest limiting invitations to your child’s age plus two. Group size is 15 children, including siblings. Siblings, ages 2 years old and up are included in the number of children. A maximum of 35 people will fit in the EMNC’s Lodge.

Limited refrigerator & freezer space, a coffee maker, microwave, and a kitchen sink are available in the Lodge.

To Schedule: Contact Rebecca Lesko at 570-836-3835 or

If you are interested in a larger gathering consider renting Camp Lackawanna’s pavilion or one of their lodges and hiring EMNC to present a large group program for everyone. A pool is also available for rent when holding a party at the EMNC. For more information about Camp Lackawanna’s facilities visit or call 570-836-3444.

Please Note: Camp Lackawanna (where the EMNC Lodge is located) often has multiple groups on the premises, and the trails are open to the public from September through mid-June. We ask all groups to observe Nature Center and Camp rules. We want each of the groups EMNC and Camp Lackawanna host each year to enjoy the peace and natural beauty of the Vosburg Neck.


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